On food and togetherness

The Polar Night kind of makes you go a bit crazy. You cook a lot, eat a lot, sleep even more or watch tons of movies. Well, I did all of these and even some other stuff – didn’t go out so much in December since it rained cats and dogs most of the time.

After watching almost every movie that’s been screened during all the important movie festivals across Europe in 2016, I somehow got back to one of my favourite subjects: food. I simply love food movies. Starting with „Chef’s table” series and „Cooked” (available on Netflix) and going all the way to „Julie and Julia” or to the beautifully filmed documentaries on champagne, meat, sake or sushi.  Continuă să citești On food and togetherness

Trial and error

Polar Night season is here and this means that we get just a bit of light every day. Darkness has taken over, so we try to keep ourselves busy. I’m doing a series of experiments on sourdough bread baking – long hours fermentations, various recipes, trying some spelta flour and some emmer. With a bit of luck and a a little more knowledge, I might get some good reinterpretations of the Norwegian bread – I love traditional Norwegian bread, but a little twist never killed nobody. In the end, it’s all about the taste of bread.

Baking at home means that I have to use my electric oven, which takes my bread results so far away, in terms of flavour and crust, from what I usually get in the wood oven back at the bakery. But let’s just say that if these results are good, they will turn out to be stunning once I get back to Å.