On food and togetherness

The Polar Night kind of makes you go a bit crazy. You cook a lot, eat a lot, sleep even more or watch tons of movies. Well, I did all of these and even some other stuff – didn’t go out so much in December since it rained cats and dogs most of the time.

After watching almost every movie that’s been screened during all the important movie festivals across Europe in 2016, I somehow got back to one of my favourite subjects: food. I simply love food movies. Starting with „Chef’s table” series and „Cooked” (available on Netflix) and going all the way to „Julie and Julia” or to the beautifully filmed documentaries on champagne, meat, sake or sushi. 

Food gets people together. Good food can be a great start of a beautiful friendship or romance. Food is magic and opens your mind towards different cultures. Just by reading about food behaviours people have in a certain corner of the world you get to discover also their social or religious habits. I love food – both cooking and eating it. After years of sharing food, mostly desserts, with my friends, I realised this is a priceless gift – cooking for somebody is a great way of expressing love, friendship, gratitude or appreciation.

If you’re into food and would like to learn more about Danish habits in the last century, watch „Babette’s Feast”. You’ll get a glimpse of what Danish rural life meant and how people gathered around the table. For the sake of God and also for the sake of being together.

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