Trial and error

Polar Night season is here and this means that we get just a bit of light every day. Darkness has taken over, so we try to keep ourselves busy. I’m doing a series of experiments on sourdough bread baking – long hours fermentations, various recipes, trying some spelta flour and some emmer. With a bit of luck and a a little more knowledge, I might get some good reinterpretations of the Norwegian bread – I love traditional Norwegian bread, but a little twist never killed nobody. In the end, it’s all about the taste of bread.

Baking at home means that I have to use my electric oven, which takes my bread results so far away, in terms of flavour and crust, from what I usually get in the wood oven back at the bakery. But let’s just say that if these results are good, they will turn out to be stunning once I get back to Å.

Baking during the Midnight Sun

Being a seasonal baker above the Arctic Circle has some interesting advantages. We bake from May until September, so basically we get to be in the bakery during the high season, when the tourists are flooding the islands. At the same time, we bake during the Midnight Sun, which means that it doesn’t matter if one works night or day shifts. Somehow, I’m pretty lucky to be baking in this corner of the world because I can take the night shifts easier. The only difference between day and night is the number of people I have around. Continuă să citești Baking during the Midnight Sun