Good bread takes time. It took me also some time to learn that only by being patient I can move forward in this baking journey.

Every step of the baking process requires a certain amount of time that is strongly connected to temperatures. It takes a lot of reading and even more of experimenting until one gets to master the fermentation process, but once you’re there, sky is the limit – you can bake whatever you dream of. So give your bread as much time as it needs and it will reward you with a crumb full of flavour and crispy crust. Not to mention the magic song all good breads sing when they come out of the oven. Continuă să citești Time

On baking and miracles

Life is full of surprises. After working for some Communication agencies, I’ve decided that my path should be different, even though I had no idea about what this path should be. I needed a challenge and I got it some years ago, after moving to Northern Norway, a place where I discover everyday that it is not mandatory to get a job that measures up to one’s studies. It is so much more important to enjoy doing something that you can make a living on. I’m not planning to get rich, I’d rather have enough resources in order to see the world at a slow pace and understand more about what surrounds me. Continuă să citești On baking and miracles