Trial and error

Polar Night season is here and this means that we get just a bit of light every day. Darkness has taken over, so we try to keep ourselves busy. I’m doing a series of experiments on sourdough bread baking – long hours fermentations, various recipes, trying some spelta flour and some emmer. With a bit of luck and a a little more knowledge, I might get some good reinterpretations of the Norwegian bread – I love traditional Norwegian bread, but a little twist never killed nobody. In the end, it’s all about the taste of bread.

Baking at home means that I have to use my electric oven, which takes my bread results so far away, in terms of flavour and crust, from what I usually get in the wood oven back at the bakery. But let’s just say that if these results are good, they will turn out to be stunning once I get back to Å.

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